Find The Best Bluetooth Headphones Out There

A great piece of work, the Sony Ericsson W880i is the thinnest entrant in the genre of Walkman series. The handset comes packed with a stylish look and impressive features, to be a strong contender in the genre of music phones. The highlights of the phone being – its 3G support, enhanced music player, 2 megapixel camera, push email support, and a 1GB Memory Stick Micro (M2) – all of which is squeezed into a gadget that measures just 9.4mm thin.

One electronic item that has grown drastically in popularity is that of Bluetooth Headphone. When trying to find the best Bluetooth Headphone Suppliers, you will need to consider a wide variety of different factors. You need to first decide what you are going to use the headset for. Is it going to be used to listen to music while you are at school or work? Is it for stereo sound? Are you using them to listen to music while you exercise? Are you using them primarily so that you can have your hands free while you drive and still talk on the phone? Or are you using them so that you can walk around the house without having to carry your MP3 player everywhere you go? You need to first answer these questions and then you can start looking for a good headset.

Being a 3G phone, the device includes 2 cameras. One is the 2 MP camera, while other is a VGA camera for video calling. The camera quality though is not that good. Photos can be stored on either the 16MB of internal memory, or the included 1GB Memory Stick Micro (M2).

So what are those key things that one should look out for while buying MP3 player. Of course, brand is important. Good brands are more reliable and provide superior sound quality than the regular brands. Moreover, I have always found that branded stuff last longer than the cheaper models even though these come out to be a bit pricey. Next thing to look out for is the purpose why you are buying your player. Is it just for just music or even for photos, videos, editing, playing games etc?

Features: These are especially important because you want to find a headset that has playback and volume controls that are easy to use and understand. Some bluetooth headsets will actually make the playback and volume settings look the exact same and this can be very confusing. Other things you should look for are the battery life. You want to get cheap bluetooth headphones that have at least 10 hours of playback ability before charging. You also want to find a charger that will plug into a USB port so you don’t have to get an additional wall charger.

When it comes to sound quality, this is my pick. The HBH-IS800 is a gorgeous-looking in-ear headset that was mainly made for listening to music. It is very unobtrusive and connects via Bluetooth via a short cord and transmitter that goes across the back of the listener’s neck.

As for the battery, you can use it all day all and still have some power left for the rest of the day. It has an advantage over other headphones which usually just lasts for a maximum of 8 hours. For convenience of knowing the battery status, there are power indicators in one of the cups.

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