Make A Wooden Chess Set – Beginners Guide

Because the chess game is being one of the oldest games created there are many interesting facts surrounding this game. Many researchers say that chess originates from India, due to its similarities to a Hindu game called Chaturanga that has been around just as long. However, there are some that believe it originates from China, 2nd century BC and the word ‘checkmate’ actually derives from a Persian phrase ‘shah mat,’ translating into ‘the king is defeated.’ The game is so lost in its antiquity that no-one really knows where its origins lay.

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A luxury chess board can be made from many different materials. Two opposing shades of wood – walnut and oak for example – can be made into a chess board which usually has a highly polished finish. Other materials commonly used are glass, metal and ivory.

When someone walks into a room, their eyes will be riveted towards a Officialstaunton. It demands attention. As such it’s important that you select an impressive piece. You don’t just want everyone to see your bargain basement plastic chess company displayed. Instead you want to ensure that the piece is as impressive as its symbolic value. You want to find a set that is quality, made with precision, care, and artistic insight.

Is your style more traditional? Perhaps the wood or marble chess sets might appeal to you. There are even more options within these categories; for example, wood chess sets include both red and black boxwood chess sets or a luxurious inlaid sheesham and ebony. Choose the one that would most match your home decor for an elegant addition to your home.

Interested in the game of chess now? All you need to do is purchase yourself a basic chess set and you can start learning how to play chess today. Oh, and you will need a willing partner of course! Or if you already know how to play why not treat yourself and upgrade your chess board and chess pieces with a quality set?

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