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So often this has been the best part of the show (Spider-Man). It showcases the core of the program with an array of action and dramatic posing, while embodying who and what the show was really about (X-Men). I only wish Thundercats looked half as good as its opening did.

Yet another tip for Yu-Gi-Oh! players (I promise this will be the last one): Don’t brag about your win, especially if the guy you beat looks like he can rip a phone book in half. He might want to do the same to you if you insist on acting like a jackass.

First, there’s the matter of natures. Each Pokemon has a nature that will boost a certain stat and lower another. Taking this into consieration, a Pokemon can have a stronger Attack stat and a lower Defense stat, for example. Going beyond that, there’s the matter of Effort Values, or EV’s. These stats are completely under the hood and slowly boost your Pokemon’s stats, depending on which critters you slay. It’s entirely possible to go through the game knowing nothing about these, because you’re never told about them unless you personally decide to look for them.There are many more things, such as physical vs. special attacks, status attacks, Individual Values (IV’s), and more that people take into consideration when battling Pokemon on a slightly more serious level.

N: IE, looks normal although somewhat crippled. IE won’t play some Flash and other videos. N requires an external program to play YouTube. It comes with Windows Media Player, which doesn’t stream YouTube. So it also comes with TCIMP (Core Player), a popular video player that allows streaming. I tried to fast forward through “Nosferatu” on YouTube, and the player locked up, requiring ALT-CTRL-DEL to end the program.

This is a designer that favors signature prom-style silhouettes. They are all very Cinderella inspired outlines. I have come across items for over a hundred dollars off. Like #6082 which is a fitted red taffeta gown with a bustier cut.

These 1,300 plus attendees were there to have a good time and it showed. They talked and laughed in line (no complaints about how long the line was like many cons), met new people and were very complimentary and fun. These kids were happy that someone finally brought a great anime love and comic convention to the area. This included the bus load of kids that a school system brought it. I found that very interesting in a good way.

Here is a brand that captures feminine lyricism with lovely shapes. Style #155118 is a lacey white dress that gives the illusion of nakedness. You may be able to find it for almost half the price.

As a single use computer, such as watching YouTube or simply surfing, it could work well. Notwithstanding web surfing concerns, it could make a good children’s laptop.

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